SugarCRM Xero Connector

Klix Connector tool allows SugarCRM users to enter sales and payment transactions in SugarCRM, associate them with accounts, projects and even cases,  and provides seamless data integration with Xero Accounting software.

The connector will also let you specify automated recurring setting so that sale or purchase is automatically generated at specified interval. This tool can help you increase efficiency and customer service while saving huge amount of time otherwise spent on manual data replication.

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How It Works

KlixMedia SugarCRM - Xero connector allows you to seamlessly connect your CRM systems with Xero accounting software. With the SugarCRM Xero connector in place, you will be able to enter sales and purchases relating to accounts, projects and cases within your SugarCRM. The connector allows you to synchronize customer information, sales data and purchase details with your Xero accounting software. All sales and purchases will be immediately sent to your Xero account software and all relevant activity updates made in Xero such as payment, change to invoice data or amount will be synced back from Xero to Sugar CRM.

Major Features:

  • Easily enter sales and purchases through SugarCRM

  • Link transaction with account, projects and cases

  • Sync sale, purchases and account information from SugarCRM to Xero

  • Sync payment updates from Xero to SugarCRM

  • Free upgrades to new versions of SugarCRM Xero Connector.


Why use SugarCRM Xero Connector?

SugarCRM Xero connector can help you in many ways from, cost savings, increased efficiency and better financial visibility to loss prevention. Here are some scenarios where SugarCRM Xero connector can proved to be extremely useful for your business:

As with most companies, when you use a powerful CRM system such as SugarCRM, you get access to intuitive reporting features. Probably, custom reports for accounts, cases or projects can give you details on amount you have to bill to your clients. However, since there is no connection to your accounting software, it does not offer any reconciliation method to check that customer was billed by your accounting team and the invoice was paid.SugarCRM Xero connector can provide you a greater visibility in to your billing and payments with the ability to generate invoices right from your SugarCRM system. The Information syncs automatically with your Xero accounting so your accounting team is always in a know and can follow up if invoice is not paid in time.

Do you provide service to your client on an ongoing basis? The same amounts are to be billed on a monthly basis with amounts too small that manual tracking proves to be expensive? SugarCRM Xero connector's auto recurring setup can save you a great deal of time and money. Once you set recurrence period and recurrence stop date for a specific invoice, system will automatically generate the invoice and also sync with your Xero accounting software.

For some businesses, customer work is initiated only after initial payment is received. Sales person gets a 'go' sign from customer to issue the initial invoice but accounting team is too busy to process it right away. In such scenario, if it takes too long it may affect your business reputation and sometimes it may even cost you a client. SugarCRM Xero Connector allows your sales team to generate sales and purchases from your CRM system so that it is automatically entered in the system and issued to the customer. You can restrict who has acces to these features.

If you are in distribution or relevant B2B industry, your each customer may have a certain amount of credit approved. In most cases, sales people rely on the information updated by accounts team in SugarCRM and have little or no direct access to customer account status. If customer account has reached the credit limit and is not being paid then sales team knows about it only when accounts department updates the information. SugarCRM to Xero connectors makes it easy for both your sales and accounting team by automatically transmitting information between these two softwares. Your sales people can get a live updates and better visibility before approving customer orders or offering additional discounts to certain customers.

About SugarCRM

Founded as an open soruce project in 2004, Sugar CRM is one of the most popular CRM systems in the world with over five million downloads and over 500000 users worldwide. SugarCRM is available in both versions, On-Site and Cloud Computing. The CRM system is used by many of the renowned brands and recognized by reputed magazines and news media such as CRM Magazine, InfoWorld, Customer Interaction Solutions and Intelligent Enterprise.

SugarCRM Community Edition is available to download for free and there are no licensing fees. The SugarCRM's  proprietary versions come with extended functionality list and subscription payment is highly reasonable compared to some of its nearest competitors.

What is Xero

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

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  • Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.


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